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Financial Planning Week 2017

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Financial Planning Week is all about raising awareness of the difference financial planning can make to your life. If you ask me, this is now more important than ever, because I truly believe that it has never been more complicated for people to plan for their financial future.

Changes to pension rules and the introduction of new savings solutions mean that you have more freedom and control over your finances – but you also have to take on a lot more risk and responsibility when it comes to making your money last. Then when you add in  the uncertainty and instability we’re experiencing in the current economic and political environments, it becomes clear why proper financial planning is becoming ever-more important to people’s lives.


What is financial planning?

It’s all about what you want and what your money can do for you.

It’s a roadmap which puts you in control and lets you make informed choices. For example you could be thinking about giving some money to your children – but how much do you give? It could be £10,000 or it could be £50,000, but financial planning helps you understand what the long-term effects will be and gives you the confidence to make your decision.

And it’s our job to use our expertise to help you, whether that’s investment expertise, planning expertise, tax expertise or any other areas where you need support.


Financial planning surgeries

To give a taste of how financial planning can help, we’re opening our doors for some free financial planning surgeries where you can book a slot and speak to a financial planner about whatever’s on your mind (it does help if it’s linked to your finances, but we are an open-minded bunch!).

These sessions can be incredibly powerful, and we’re delighted to be able to offer them. The surgeries aim to make you feel more confident and secure about your finances and your future, by doing some planning. They are designed to provide you with useful guidance and information rather than providing personal advice on areas such as investment, which involves regulatory requirements.

To give you an idea of how the surgeries can help, we’ve collected some of the feedback from our sessions in 2016:


“The most useful thing was realising I need to include an emergency cash buffer in my savings ‘portfolio’. Up to this point I’ve been pretty focused on trying to put my savings away in medium/longer term products (i.e. to basically keep it out of my reach so I don’t spend it!) but the thought had never crossed my mind that I wasn’t putting anything aside for emergencies. A fairly fundamental oversight on my part!” - John “I found the session very useful. Probably the most valuable thing I got out of it is to make sure you’re investments are aligned to your short term v long term goals.” – Paul “The variety of options I was shown was staggering” – Andrew “I was already sold on financial planning. It prompted me to do something tangible with thoughts I’d been having off and on for some time.” - Ross “I think I’ve always been aware of the need for financial planning –I know how important it is and while I have always made contribution to my pensions I guess life gets in the way when you’re bringing up children paying off a mortgage etc. and it’s now that I feel more in control and better able to make some decisions.” - Susan


Seize the moment

We’ve also started our financial planning surgeries for this year. One session was with Claer Barret, Personal Finance Editor at the Financial Times, who chose to cover her experience in an article. I won’t give it all away, but my favourite quote was:

“It has made me see our family finances from a totally different angle and — although I detest the word — I found it quite empowering.”

So if you’d like to book a financial planning surgery with an 1825 Financial Planner, seize the moment and do it now! Just fill in our online form and we’ll be in touch to arrange a meeting. Although Financial Planning Week is coming to an end, you can still book a free session now to come to at a later date.

It pays to have a plan

And just in case I’ve not managed to convince you of the value of financial planning, I’ll leave you with some words from Ian Howe, Chairman of the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment – the organisation behind Financial Planning Week:

Ian Howe

“Financial planning is even more important for folk to benefit from than ever before.  Social, economic and political uncertainty now characterises our daily lives; to have your own bespoke financial plan that provides you with the awareness and surety that your future is assured, offers enormous peace of mind.  Financial Planning week is a fantastic opportunity to have a glimpse into just how transformative having a financial plan can be…”

–    Ian Howe, CISI Chairman and 1825 Regional Managing Director

This blog and any responses to comments should not be regarded as financial advice.

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